Pink Lady ®
Type of work: Promotion
Market: Spain

Since 2011, we have designed and coordinated point-of-sale promotions in Spain for the most glamorous apples on the market. Tastings, online promotions, prize draws, discount coupons, cookery demonstrations and point-of-sale materials represent just some of our activities.

Pink Lady ®
Spain | Promotion
Flower Sprout ® / Kalettes ®
Type of work: Communication
Market: Europe

Given responsibility for the European launch of the newest variety of vegetable on the market, from coming up with an original creative and graphic concept  to rolling out an intensive PR campaign in Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, sales of Kalettes ® continue to grow. 

Flower Sprout ® / Kalettes ®
Europe | Communication

"It is hard to find a committed agency that always walks the extra mile. Luckily for Interpalm, we have found that agency".

Jordi Terol
President of Interpalm

November 2018

December 2017

EUROPE: MINT will manage the communication...